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Levent Şentürk

Published Jul 24, 2020

Heterosexuality has a short history of three centuries for the simple reason that its counterpart and rival, homosexuality is at the same age. It has been rhetorically a custom to pretend as if the source of a political problem is the oppressed rather than the oppressor. So turning these demagogic tactics inside out, a shortlist of a heterosexual variety can be offered. Better to say, a hetero-normative terminology of a new kind can be prepared (Şentürk, 2015). What we will come by in taking a visit to the heteropol will be a heterodom, where all straight (and decent, not decadent) people agglomerate. They will be giving a massive lecture on heterophilia, an education that specifies on the love of straightness. Most of the heteroids have heterofiz therapies where they refresh their attitudes toward queers. Obviously, they will chant on heterophobia, which is nothing more than the explication and digression of the queer from a heterocentrique viewpoint. Heterogeometry is the Euclidean and Cartesian geometry accompanied by the hetero-normative institutions. The whole historiography is also a heterography –excluding the queer blasphemy. Opinions are transferred by a principle of heterokinesis. Heteronormativity has its own sophisticated historical forms of heterocloning whereas heterocracy is rooting within these clone genes. The regime strives for its heterocrates who would not only advocate but would also execute the heteronomy, so to say, the unwritten laws of heteronormativity. In fact, it opposes the heterolocalities which threaten the uniformization of a multi-faceted body. Heteromorphism is an obsessed hetero(geo)metrism often diagnosed with a deterred optics, namely heteroskopy. The erotic potential of the body is widely eroded by a heterotism (a heterosexist erotism) which is often an offender of the heterodoxy of sexualities. All the heterogeography becomes a desert after an all-encompassing, widespread phenomenon called heterosion. All heteros incline toward the sun of their gendered bodies, just as the sunflower follows the curve of the sun, a specific behavior that was recently baptized as heterotrophism.

To conclude, the specific use of a hetero-critical vocabulary within any architectural studio is obvious and is irreplaceable to any other recipe. A queer critique could function as umbrella phenomena for all the issues within a studio task. It could work as a paradigm shift and help transcend the given; to leap into another, sanely constructed realm of reality where no oppressing form of understanding could reside or flourish.


Şentürk, L. (2015). Kuir Mekân. Kült Publications, İstanbul.

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