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Materiality in the Architectural Studio Process: Good Practices

September 27-28, 2018, University of Thessaly, Volos, Greece

Materiality is a major component in architectural design education. Different methods are used depending on the level of students' education (introductory year, middle years, final year, post graduate studies), the curriculum and the identity of each architectural school. 

Students are introduced into the use, aesthetics and mechanics of real materials; they learn how to use materials in symbolic ways in order to represent material reality; they learn how to experiment with non material imageries (VReality) in order to rethink spatial materiality; they learn the techniques, the social aspects and impacts of material production. Handwork, manufacturing as well as high tech, digitalized material production processes are considered as distinct sets of knowledge to be equally taken into account. They are equally important for the overall training of students of architecture since they provide a diverse epistemology in the shaping of our material cultures. 

This workshop aims at creating a platform of exchange of good practices between the participating schools in teaching materiality in architectural studios. Each participant will present an outline of a relevant design studio so that we can argue more systematically on the merits, the aims, and the learning outcomes of our programs. 

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