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Project Coordinator

TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Department of Architecture

Sögütözü Cad. No: 43 Sögütözü/Ankara


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Universidade de Lisboa, University of Lisbon, Ulisboa, Pt

"Pergamon’s Tribute"


Manuel Couceiro 

Nuno Mateus 

Jorge Mealha 

Sérgio Proença 

Sérgio Fernandes 

Ljiljana Cavic 

Bárbara Formiga



Lotte de Jonge, Eindhoven University of Technology

Kana Murakami Tuncay, TOBB University of Economics and Technology

Vasiliki Karagianni, University of Thessaly

Stogia Myrto, University of Thessaly

Carlota Alves Marques Gomes-Teixeira, FA Universidade de Lisboa

Cecilia Marson, FA Universidade de Lisboa

João Ricardo Couvreur de Oliveira, FA Universidade de Lisboa

João Miguel Ribeiro de Melo Miranda, FA Universidade de Lisboa

Leonardo Raviola, FA Universidade de Lisboa